13th century Maciejowski Bible faussart

This 13th century weapon is a sword!

No, this 13th century weapon is a glaive!

It's a sword!

It's a glaive!

It's a sword, I'm telling you!

It's a glaive, you cow!

Hey, hey, hey, calm down, you two. This 13th century weapon is both a glaive and a sword!

Actually, it's called a faussart, even though one can often find it referred to variously as a glaive, chopper, or even warbrand - but really, it's called a faussart - and it's sincerely one of the coolest and most agile sword-glaive-thingies you've ever held. No historical examples exist, but it's most famous for having been illustrated in the circa 1250 Maciejowski Bible scene 10, "Hai is captured", and you can see that this bad boy will do a number on maille-clad warriors.

This replica is made with a 1065 high carbon steel blade that is single edged and reinforced the length of the spine, balanced by a hefty wood scale and antiqued copper hilt that expands towards the pommel to ensure a firm grip. These are ridicuously way cool, one of my favorites from the first time I ever pulled one out of it's box. You're going to feel the same way, too.

length: 48"
blade overall: 34"
blade edge: 29"
blade width: 1 3/4" at widest
blade width: 1" at 2" from tip
haft / grip: 13 3/4"
weight: 4 lb 0.0 oz