Greaves were well known in the ancient world, but had largely disappeared by the 9th century. They appeared again with the rise of transitional armor in the mid to late 13th century - only now, front-only greaves were called "schynbalds" (as distinguished from full coverage wrap-around cased greaves). Front-only greaves / schynbalds lasted throughout the 14th and 15th centuries. These particular schynbalds are common for 14th and 15th century harnesses, and will make a fantastic addition to your kit - especially if you're part of a reenactment group that doesn't target the lower legs. If you've been considering yourself 'invisible' from the demi-greaves down, now is a good time time to really spiff up your look! 16ga mild steel, strapped and ready to wear.

12 3/4" along the central ridge
15 3/4" from top of side to base of lobe
5 3/4" opening across the top
5 3/4" opening midway down the calf
4" opening across the ankle / at lower strap
4 3/4" opening across lobes / feet
weight: 2 lb 1.5 oz each

Price: $90

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