Indestructible tomahawk waster

Lots of folks have been asking for axe trainers to match the indestructible training swords and daggers. While these are not medieval (they're actually a Vietnam era style), they're the closest available right now and they do functionally work out just fine. These, like all of the other styles of polypropylene weaponry, make for excellent pell work and are great for HEMA and harnischfechten training when you want a good solid weapon simulator but aren't quite ready (or armored enough) for rebated steel weaponry.

head: 8 3/8"
blade edge: 3 7/8"
striking edge thickness: 1/2"
length: 19"
weight: 15.9 oz

Price: $15 (for one)

Price: $25 (for a pair)

Price: $65 (instructor's special - set of six)

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