Visored celata

This is a style / version of the barbute known as a celata. 15th century Italian in design but with classical roots, these helmets were popular throughout Europe as an alternative to the more restrictive sallet. Barbutes and celata are quite similar, the differences being that for the most part celata have a more open face and shorter sides; and are less restrictive than barbutes. This type of helmet remained popular in Italy from the 1440's until the end of the century and even after. The celata is shown in its early form in the Getty version of Fior di Battaglia by Fiore dei Liberi, and also in Filippo Vadi's fighting manual of the 1480's. This replica is 18 gauge steel with an antiqued finish and an adjustable padded liner and features a removable visor with a wide occularium and infantry / foot soldier's breath holes on both sides of the visor. (If this were a cavalryman's style only the right side of the visor would have breaths.)

weight: 5 lb 4 oz

Price: $195

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