Dragon King wushu performance jian

Made by Dragon King, the same expert folks who've brought us Kingston Arms swords. These are intended for Kungfu / Wushu students and performers seeking a quality sword to help with their art. The 3Cr13 steel blade is flexibile like a dance wushu sword, but is not quite as thin as the Hanwei practical jian, and features an etched sunflower design and and a reinforcing ridge for the entire. It balances perfectly at the guard, which is of matte stainless steel (as is the pommel and the scabbard fittings). The grip and scabbard are a caramel colored synthetic composite for strenght and durability. This jian flows comfortably in the hand and is a joy to dance with.

length: 38 1/4"
blade: 30"
blade width: 1 3/8" at guard
blade width: 1" at 2" from tip
full hilt: 10"
grip: 4 1/4"
guard: 4 3/4"
balance point: at end of quard
weight (sword): 1 lb 10.8 oz

weight (sword and scabbard): 2 lb 9.5 oz

Price: $240

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