Homildon longsword

A 14th century longsword inspired by / named after the Battle of Homildon Hill, where the English defeated the Scots in 1402. While the King of England was preoccupied with fighting the French, defending against Scottish border reivers fell to the Percy Family of Northumberland, led by Sir Henry "Hotspur" Percy. Hotspur captured the Scottish leader, Archibald IV, Earl of Douglas, but King Henry IV demanded that the Douglas be turned over to him for ransom. This led (naturally) to a lot of resentment and was the seed that began the long Percy Family revolt that ended years later with the Battle of Bramham Moor.

This historical sword features a 1065 high carbon steel blade, a black cord-wrapped wooden grip, dark bronze-finished fittings, and a leather wrapped wood core scabbard with matching bronzed fittings. The fullers are engraved in Latin with the inscription: Who lives in falsehood slays his soul; whose speech is false, his honor.

length: 43 1/2"
blade: 34"
blade width: 1 7/8"
blade thickness: 3/16"
weight: 3 lb 4 oz