Japanese katana machete

Machete variants of world / ethnographic / non-European weaponry have grown to pe popular the past decade or so, and I heartily approve - they're a great inexpensive learning tool for how edged weapons of other cultures handled - and they're also a fun way to keep your yard trimmed (just don't try to cut really big things with a machete - they're not axes - I had one idiot friend get a lot of stitches after attempting to cut 1 1/2" tree branches with a machete while balanced on his roof). Anyway - cultural machetes = cool.

This Japanese katana machete is made in South Africa (can't get too much more multicultral than that), and features a full tang 1055HC steel blade with a baked-on anti-rust matte black finish and a nearly-indestructible polypropylene handle. The sheath is black cordura nylon with a shoulder strap (because sheathed and slung is how samurai carried ... okay, that's not how samurai carried them. It'd look kind of funny worn edge up through your obi (you do have an obi, right?), so nylon sling sheath it is, Just roll with it. I'm not going to call this a "tactical katana machete", that's just dumb.

length: 36 1/4"
blade: 24" (just over two shaku, so yeah, it's a katana)
weight: 2 lb

Price: $60

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