Celtic cross targe

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Hardwood body with a soft leather face and back, decorated with brass tacks and fittings. Makes for a great addition to your Rennaisance Faire gear and displays.

diameter: 19 7/8"
thickness: 3/8"
weight: 5 lb 1.5 oz

Note that after expressing doubt that this was an hisorical Scottish design and calling for learned commentary in a couple of Facebook discussion groups, I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that this design is more "celtic fantasy" based than historical -

Q: "I'll be honest with you - 18th century Scotland is not my main area of expertise, and after a lifetime of seeing this style of knotwork carved into every conceivable type of leather gear, I'm not certain that a targe with this design is completely historic."

A: "My degree is in exactly that. This doesn't look too terribly much like any of the original targets I've seen. The interlace is a) a little spare, and b) not really in the style of the 18th century.

A quick search over at the National Museum of Scotland turns up eight targe listed with images - primarily geometric decorations, none with "knotwork".

So yeah - this is more in the style of the 19th century Scottish "revival" than actual 18th century Scottish. In fact, it may even be more accurate to say that this is 20th/21st century "Scottish revival".

These two are more historical:
Scottish Highland targe
Highland targe
Scottish Highland targe with spiked boss
Highland targe
with spiked boss

Price: $175

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