'Agincourt' arming sword

For anyone who has been collecting swords in the past couple of decades, this distinctive hexagonal-pommeled sword is instantly recognizable as "The Agincourt Sword" - except that there's actually no historical basis for calling it that - there was nothing quite like this present at battle of Agincourt on either side. That said, there's a certain collection nostalgia to this style, and this version by Paul Chen / Hanwei is a real sword with a good high carbon steel blade and a peened full tang, not a cheap sword-like-object. (Arguably I could list this in the Film and Fantasy section of the website, but a lot of people are familiar with this design and had one like it as one of their first swords.)

length: 35 1/4"
blade: 27 1/4"
hilt: 8"
weight: 2 lb 8 oz

Price: $250

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