Indestructible suburito bokken

The super suburi workout / kata sword. Suburi (or suburito, or suburi-to) were much larger and heavier that standard wooden bokken, useful for building strength and stamina (and for smashing the crap out of things, anywhere a great mucking club you practiced swinging like a sword would do.) Typically wood, this one is nigh unto indestructible polypropylene, with a wood-grain design in homage to the originals. The five rings / principles of sword training are written on the blade in kanji: suburi, goho battoho, tanren kata, tachiuchi, and tameshigiri. (or it may just say "beware the seven foot lunatic with a broadsword". I'm not sure.) These are great for pell work, too. (But you'd better have a really tough pell).

length: 45 1/4"
blade: 32"
blade width: 2" at "hilt"
blade width: 2 1/2" at tip
tsuka: 13"
weight: 2 lb 9.0 oz

Price: $35

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