Riveted darkened aluminum hauburgeon - round rings

Sometimes you need to look great but just don't want to deal with the weight of steel. This riveted upper-thigh and mid-elbow length hauburgeon only weighs about nine pounds - that's 60% less than a comparable version in steel - and it never needs to be oiled, and the dark gray chemically-darkened finish won't stain the rest of your gear. Sure, it isn't going take the beating that steel maille will, but hey, heroes don't get hit nearly as often, and with the price and weight difference it's a really decent trade-off. (and if you need maille for a show or a faire or a film or a play or a costume, this is an excellent choice.)

overall: 28" long
sleeves: ~18"
chest: up to 45" (best fit 42-44")

Also available is a matching Riveted darkened aluminum coif - round rings.

Price: $295

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