Indestructible fencing buckler 9"

A (nearly, because yes, we know you're clever) 9" indestructible polypropylene buckler that is perfect for training and sparring with the popypropylene and nylon wasters listed on our blunt/training/sparring swords page. Nearly 1/2" thick, with plenty of grip room for a padded or steel gauntlet. A big favorite among students of I.33 and regularly used at HEMA fencing tournaments everywhere.

These 9" bucklers are new for 2021 / 2022. Also available is a larger 12" version.

size: 8 5/8"
boss opening: 6 1/4"
edge thickness: 3/8"
grip: 5"
weight: 1 lb 4.9 oz

Price: $30

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