Fist buckler - mild steel

Small brass-trimmed buckler made from 16 gauge mild steel. A good stealth buckler, easy to carry when you're swashing large but need to buckle subtly. Protects the off-hand when fencing with rapier or I.33 arming swords - also, it's quite good for the surprise jaw punch. This buckler could also be used as the boss on a larger shield (the conversion would be relatively simple: remove the two rivets attaching the grip.) You may think that this is quite small for a buckler, but bucklers are documented to a hand-span in width, and the light weight keeps fatigue at bay during long training days. The dome is large enough to accomodate leather gauntlets and most light / medium duty sparring gloves.

size: 7"
depth: 3"
wood grip: 4"
weight: 1 lb 1.0 oz

Price: $30

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