Robert the Bruce dwarven axe

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection - a singular, assembled in the TherionArms Workshop

Fun story time (pull up a chair) - about a year or so ago, someone from a National Park Service contacted me and asked if I knew where to get a Robert the Bruce axe - not a well-researched historical version, but a copy of the one in the famous statue.

I quickly looked up the statue and realized that I did indeed have a very similar axe head in my collection - and a really nice haft that I'd put aside for an interesting project. A few hours in the workshop and viola! - a faithful to the statue Robert the Bruce axe!

Unfortunately, my "hey, I have one for you" email to the guy bounced back as undeliverable, and I put the axe aside for later consideration.

And today, June 7th, I saw several friends post on facebook that this was the 694th anniversary of RtB's death, and I remembered the axe I made.

And then, I saw another post showing the statue from the other side:

Yeah, the statue is holding a two-hand axe, and I had made a one-hander. Oops, but I do have a good excuse:

(Before the Battle King Robert De Bruce VIII Kills Sir Henry De Bohun in Single Combat - by James Doyle)

Anyway, here for your consideration is a one-of-a-kind Robert the Bruce single-handed dwarven axe. It's quite solid and heavy. The 2mm thick edge is not sharp (but the tips are).

head: 12" tip to tip
head: 8 3/4" edge to back
socket: 5 1/2"
haft overall: 22 5/8"
weight: 4 lb 2.0 oz

Price: $120

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