i TherionArms - Kingdom of Arms ca. 1530 falchion

Kingdom of Arms ca. 1530 falchion

Styled after the type of sword in common use in the early 16th century wars between France and the Italian city states as France tried to dominate the lucrative Italian trading networks, these falchions could also be seen in use throughout most of northern Europe.

The blade is tempered 5160 high carbon steel and is quite functionally sharp. The elongated "S" guard brotects your knuckles while the peened pommel balances the sword nicely. The wood core grip is cord wrapped and covered in rich black leather. Comes en suite with a fine matching scabbard.

overall length: 29 3/4"
blade: 23"

blade thickness at hilt: 3/16"
point of balance: 3 1/2"
weight: 3 lbs

Price: $670

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