Riveted aluminum maille voiders

Because sometimes you just want some light protection under your cuirass - and because getting stabbed in the armpit really sucks, and because getting stabbed in the armpit is a standard target for any style of harnischfechten. Lighter than steel, these voiders are ready to attach to your favorite arming jacket / gambeson / doublet. (And here's a hint for folks like me who are bad at sewing - run a cord through the outermost rings, pin it all in place and then go to town with waxed thread.)

Standard 4-in-1 pattern with 16 gauge round rings, outer diameter 10mm, inner diameter 7.4mm , each securely pinned with round / domed rivets. You're already wearing a cuiraiss or brigandine, you don't need a full hauberk, any weight you can cut is a good thing, and they don't rust!

length: 24"
width: 6"
weight of the pair: 3 lb 14 oz

Price: $100

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