Kingston Arms Scottish claymore - brown hilt

Not going to quibble over the terminology here - sword folks have been arguing for many decades now as to what "really" should be called a claymore - the basket-hilted broadsword or the instantly recognizable greatsword as we have here - and since it's really going to be a tough road to hoe to get the world to call the greatsword version "claidheamh da laimh", we're just going to keep on rolling with calling the big two-handers with downturned quillons and nifty trefoil or quaterfoil terminals as claymore.

Here's an excellent and refined reproduction brought to you from Kingston Arms, with much better balance and handling and cutting characteristics than the collector's world has even seen outside of very expensive custom made claymore. The blade is automated control tempered 1566 high carbon steel, distally tapering from 5.3mm thick at the guard to 2.2mm thick at the tip. The grip is a leather covered wood core with a full tang sequrely pinned through the counter-balance pommel, and the ricasso is leather wrapped for halfsword grip. This is a sword that handles and cuts with Authority.

length: 55"
blade: 40 1/2"
hilt: 13 3/4"
balance point: 5"
weight: 4 lb 3 oz

Price: $330

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