Norwegian long sax viking sword

One usually sees this style listed as a "single edge viking sword", but to be more specific (and explain things to the guy in the back loudly complaining nuh-uh, real viking swords were double edged!), this single edged style is historically know from over a dozen examples, all dating to the 9th century and found in or near Norway. Thy hilt is a simple Petersen Type H, and the (very) sharp blade is 1060 high carbon steel with a wide fuller that really helps balance and give this sword a lot of cutting zing. It's made by Cold Steel and comes with a matching scabbard.

length: 36 1/8"
blade: 30"
blade width: 1 7/8"
balance point: 6 1/2"
weight: 2 lb 6.8 oz

Price: $280

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