Cold Steel rondel dagger

A *really* serious poking dagger with a three-edged hollow-ground triangular blade and a brass studded rosewood grip (for your pleasure and the consternation of your armored enemies). The 1065 blade is blued high carbon steel with polished edges, incredibly stiff and terminating in a needle sharp point. Well-made rondel daggers were capable of pierceing maillle and heavy clothing, and they were designed to do really nasty things to gaps in armor and the soft bits underneath. This wonderfully mean and tough version is made by Cold Steel and comes with a matching historically accurate hand-stitched leather sheath with blued steel fittings that ties to belt or baldric - usually, point straight down and with the hilt in quick ice-pick-grip grab-and-poke range.

length: 16 5/8"
blade: 11 9/16"
grip length: 4 1/4"
balance point: 6 1/2"
weight: 14.5 oz

Price: $145

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