Dragon King Snow Monkey / Winter Sun katana

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Not gonna bullshit you - Dragon King calls this their "Winter Sun" katana, but if you look at that tsuba, it's BLATANTLY a Snow Monkey katana. I'm just calling it like it is, and I think Snow Monkeys are cool and shouldn't be short changed here.

The blade is 5160 forged carbon steel with a prominent kissaki and blade geometry conducive to rigorous cutting. A blackened tsuba, fuchi, tsuka wrap and kashira contrast nicely with the (real) white same ray skin, notched seppa, silver snowflake habaki, and and the black textured lacquered saya. Some rely upon Monkey Steals the Peach, some rely upon their sword. Choose wisely.

length: 44 1/2"
blade: 30 1/2"
tsuka: 12 1/2"
blade thickness at habaki: 7.1mm
blade thickness at tip: 4.9mm
weight (unsheathed): 2 lb 13 oz

Price: $370

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