Dragon King cherry blossom katana

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Here's a real stand-out katana, themed around the spring-time sakura (cherry blossom tree) and its popular Japanese metaphor for the transience of life. Traditionally made with a master's eye to detail, this katana features a 5160 diferentially tempered steel blade marquenched to an Rockwell edge hardness of 57, white same with a crimson wrap. The sakuro-design tsuba and menuki are contrasted by blackened fuchi and kashira. The black lacqured saya is a wonderfal match with a buffalo horn rimmed koiguchi and wooden kurikata. All quite elegant, all quite functional.

length: 39 3/4"
blade: 27"
tsuka: 11 1/4"
weight (unsheathed): 2 lb 9 oz

Price: $370

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