Forged knife and twisted pricker set

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This is / was the utility knife / leatherman / pocket knife / everyday carry knife set used throughout the Middle Ages. The knife is self-explanatory, but you may well ask "What's up with the pricker, Therion, and why would nearly everyone carry one?" "What's up with the pricker, Therion, and why would nearly everyone carry one?" - well, I'll tell you, smart guy. It wasn't so much the abundance and popularity of fondue pots in the Medieval world, and it wasn't your second guess of using it to skewer that last bit of meat off of the common trencher. Prickers were popular / necessary / carried by everyone in their knife and pricker utility kit because of the lack of duct-tape and bungee cords. Think about it - without duct-tape and bungee cords (and ratchet straps), everything you wanted to connect to other things was most often tied together with ropes or twine or leather thongs - and despite the prevalence of Evil Medieval Warlords hacking through the ropes and thongs in damned near every historical movie ever made, one would usually take the time to un-knot the ropes or twine or leather thongs holding things together. One couldn't just buy lots and lots of rope at Ye Olde Pence and Farthing, they had to be twisted up by peasants. I guess that explains why maybe the Evil Medieval Warlords would hack through ropes and twine and leather thongs - but for everyone else, there was your pricker. These are hand-forged steel with a good sharp edge for the knife and square pricker with a twisted grip that you can use on ropes or grapes or that last bit of cheese as you wish. They come with a nice a nice leather belt sheath, too.

knife -
length: 7 3/4"
blade: 4 1/4"
blade width: 1 1/4"
weight: 3.0 oz

pricker -
length: 6 1/4"
blade: 4"
weight: 1.6
set in sheath weight: 5.9 oz

Price: $25

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