Spanish cup-hilt Taza rapier 2.0

Discontinued and last seen in 2010, the Taza rapier has now risen from the ashes of reproduction sword history into fully glorious Destreza splendor!

A classic early 1600's Spanish cup-hilt rapier ('Taza' is Spanish for 'cup'). Quite long, quite light, quite fast. The blade is over a yard long - Elizabeth's London city guards would have had conniptions if you carried a rapier this long into the city (Elizabeth restricted rapiers to one yard, and ruff collars to one foot - no appreciation of style!). The first 14" of the blade are blunt, to help provide a strong parry, and the outer 24" are sharp, ending in a nasty point. Pierced-work cup and pommel, wire wrapped grip, double finger loops, and extraordinarily long quillons. Stiff wood and leather scabbard with steel throat and chape included.

length: 46"
blade: 38 1/4"
blade width: 1" at base
blade width: 7/16" at 2 inches from tip
grip: 5"
finger-grip ricasso: 2"
total grip and pommel: 7 1/2"
cup guard: 5" round x 2" deep
guard: 11"
point of balance: 5 1/4" from cup
weight (rapier): 2 lb 1.0 oz
weight (rapier & scabbard): 2 lb 9.5 oz


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