German/Swiss zweihander greatsword

Zweihander greatsword made famous by the German and Swiss landsknecht and confederati of the early to middle 16th century. Don't let its size fool you, there is nothing awkward or clumsy about this sword. Big and meant to be carried over the shoulder rather than scabbarded, but it is extremely well balanced and easily wielded by people of larger stature and physical strength. Weighing a touch over 6 1/2 pounds and with a nearly 40" high carbon steel blade, it will make short work of pike formations. (Note: zweihanders "cutting the heads off pikes" is mostly an urban myth - rather, zweihanders were used by skilled dopplesoldners to obliquely attack and disrupt pike formations. Push a bunch of pikes out of line, and your buddies have a better chance of killing the pikemen.) The zweihander features a large guard with side rings to protect the hands from opposing weapons, plus a long leather covered ricasso that allows the blade to be be gripped higher up for better control for close range slashing and stabbing attacks, and integral forward parrying lugs. The hilt is wood covered with leather and is extra long to afford a full two handed grip. The heavy steel pommel helps balance the long blade and also serves as an effective close-range weapon. This sword is exteremely sharp - handle with care! The scabbard pictured above is no longer available/supplied with this sword.

length: 55 1/4"
blade: 39 7/8"
blade thickness: 7/32"
grip: 15 3/8", leather wrapped
steel: 1050 high carbon spring steel
weight: 6 lbs 9.5 oz

Price: $400

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