Warrior series tanto

length: 19 1/2"
blade: 13 1/4" (to tsuba)
blade width: 1 1/4" at hibaki
grip and pommel: 5 7/8"
tsuba: 2 1/2"
weight (tanto): 1 lb 1.3 oz
weight (tanto and saya): 1 lb 5.1 oz

A strong and functional tanto for the hardworking martial artist. The fittings are all of traditional materials (black iron, brass, same/ray skin, silk wrappings, lacquered wood). The blade is 1050 high carbon steel with a reinforced tip for penetrating armored targets, satin-finished for durability. Comes with storage bag. This is an absolutely beautiful tanto that matches the Warrior series nodachi, the Warrior series katana, and the Warrior series wakizashi.

Price: $290

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