Scottish baskethilted broadsword

Baskethilted swords appeared throughout Britain from the mid-sixteenth century on, but they are most often associated with the seventeenth and eighteenth century Scottish highlander. This reproduction of a Scottish baskethilted broadsword has a typical Glasgow style hilt from the mid-eighteenth century. The sharp double-edged blade of this sword is fully tempered high-carbon steel with the legendary "Andrea Ferara" swordsmith's mark reproduced in the fullers. The grip is wire-wrapped rayskin and the basket liner is of felt-covered leather. Includes a leather covered scabbard with steel fittings.

length: 40"
blade: 34"
blade width: 1 3/4" at base
basket and pommel: 6"
interior basket grip length: 4 1/2"
balance point: 5" from basket
weight (sword): 3 lb 3.6 oz
weight (sword & scabbard): 4 lb 0.0 oz

Price: $395

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