'Practical' series Austrian longsword

This is one of the de facto standards of training and stage/reenactment combat blunt/rebated steel longswords, and one of the most popular items offered by TherionArms.

This Austrian longsword (commonly called a hand-and-a-half or bastard sword) is replicated from an original attributed to King Albrecht II of Austria. Classically simple in design with a flattened diamond-section blade and cruciform hilt, the original dates from the early part of the 15th century.

The triple-fullered blade features rounded edges and a more rounded tip than in the first three generations, making the swords much more responsive and safer for the full-contact use for which they was designed (I said safer, not safe - it's still a sword, dummy, don't do anything stupid with one).

The fifth generation longsword has a smaller wheel pommel than the earlier generations, making the sword much more comfortable to handle and bringing the weight down. These swords handle like a dream, there's a reason they are the #1 standard longsword in the Western Martial Arts and stage combat worlds!

length: 43 1/4"
blade: 34"
blade width: 1 3/4" at base
blade width: 5/8" at 2" from the tip
grip and pommel: 8 3/4"
guard: 7 1/4"
balance point: 3 3/4" from guard
weight (sword): 2 lb 12.5 oz
weight (sword & scabbard): 3 lb 5.5 oz

You can compare the fifth generation sword with the older third generation and fourth generation practical series longswords.

Price: $230

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