Gothic axe

*From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

All steel Gothic war axe, for footmen or horsemen looking to open steel-clad knights. Solidly constructed. The shaft is double-layered, an inner steel core with an outer blackened steel exterior for extra strength. Silver and brass wire wrapped grip, brass finials on tip and butt. Flair, style, and brutal efficency all in one hand.

* - note that this isn't a something completely different - TherionArms sold many of these axes throughout the 'aughts - production was discontinued in 2010. I have one brand-new in its original box that was a backroom/armory/warehouse find ... it's been over five years since one of these was up for sale anywhere on the planet, and this one can be yours!

length: 25"
blade edge: 7"
edge to spike: 6 5/8"
black shaft: 15"
grip and pommel cap: 6 3/4"
weight: 2 lb 2.6 oz