Practical Plus wakizashi

Made as a companion piece for the Practical Plus katana, the wakizashi features an edge-tempered high carbon forged steel blade with a prominent hamon, genuine same (rayskin) on the tsuka, and a handle wrap (tsuka-ito) specially developed for its gripping qualities. The fittings of the Practical Plus are decorated in a Japanese dogwood motif with dragon menuki, and the handsome tsuba is of an iron "sunburst" design with a brass habaki.

length: 27 1/2"
blade: 21"
blade width: 1"
grip and pommel: 6 1/2"
tsuba: 2 3/4"
balance point: 4" from tsuba
weight (sword): 1 lb 5.8 oz
weight (sword & scabbard): 1 lb 14.0 oz

Price: $270

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