Orchid katana

The Orchid katana has a hand-forged & folded K120C powder steel blade, differentially tempered using a traditional claying method to produce an HRC60 edge, HRC40 back. The hamon temper line is evident and prominent and the hada grain pattern shows distinct layers. The saya are deeply lacquered in blue. High quality same ray skin is used on the tsuka, and the tsuka-ito and sageo are woven from premium Japanese cotton. The tsuba is of blackened iron with an orchid and butterfly decoration inlaid in silver, brass and copper. The koiguchi and kurikata are of buffalo horn, and the fuchi, kashira and kojiri are of bronzed iron with silver and gold detailing.

length: 40 1/2"
blade: 28"
grip: 11 1/2"
weight: 2 lb 3 oz

Price: $820

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