Light leather brigandine armor

black or brown suede
Size L/XL (chest size to 48")

Brigandine armor consists of small metal plates riveted to and sandwiched between a strong outer shell and an inner lining. Brigandines evolved from the earlier and heavier Coat of Plates, and could be worn on it's own, or as extra reinforcement over maille and/or a gambeson. This light version of the brigandine is made with 20 gauge steel plates riveted in between a suede leather outer shell and a satin inner shell, and only weighs 8 lbs 6.3 oz. The brigandine is about 32" long, and is available in either black or brown sueded leather. There are three buckles on each side for fitting adjustments. Will fit warriors larger than the above size indicates - our lovely model with the sallet is a solid XXL. A very light and flexible dressy body armor.

Discontinued and sold out