Poleaxe with bec de corbin

This late 1400's poleaxe is replicated from one in a private collection. With a long history of use, the poleaxe was very popular in tournament lists, with the winner being decided by the number of blows fairly struck. It was also used in serious duels, where the winner was the one who could walk away from the field. The poleaxe was also quite popular for use on the field of battle, most notably in in conjunction with Burgundian Gothic plate armor during the War of the Roses. At 68" in length, the poleaxe (also called a pollaxe or "head axe") was quite handy. The good sharp top point could be used as a short spear, the 'bec de corbin' (crow's beak) back spike could be used to pierce armor, and the axe head itself was quite lethal in hot knight-on-knight action (and woe betide the underarmored men-at-arms!) This is excellent budget-priced reproduction, with a high carbon blade and steel langets to protect the shaft.

length: 67 1/2"
axe edge: 11" around curve
bec de corbin: 5"
top spike: 13 1/2"
langets: 15 1/2"
weight: 4 lb 12 oz

Price: $220

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