Meyer longsword - German training sword

length: 49"
blade: 38"
blade width: 1 1/4" (above ricasso)
ricasso width: 1 5/8" (midpoint)
grip and pommel: 10 1/2"
guard: 10 1/4"
balance point: 4 1/2" from guard
weight: 4 lb 1.4 oz

Heavy German training sword, in the style used between the late 1500's and the early 1600's. Most famously illustrated in Joachim Meyer's fechtbuch 1570 and 1600 editions, these swords were a primary training and bouting tool for the Marxbruder and Federfechter fechtschule (fight school) guilds. Meyer is based in the Liechtenauer tradition, but his methodology has a sport-fighting attitude to it in addition to the deadly combat skills of Liechtenauer and Ringeck.

This sword is made by Generation2, and is patterned from an original pair in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The blunt blade is 5160 steel, distally tapered from the ricasso to the tip for better balance and handling, with a rounded tip for safety (Meyer strongly emphasised cutting over thrusting, and driving home a thrust was just too easy and not quite sporting, mein Herr.) The edges of the blade are also rounded for safety. Steel guard and pommel, leather wrapped wood grip. A very durable and historical training sword!