Africanized "walking stick"

Cold Steel's version of an African walking stick. Why do I call it "Africanized"? Because it quite frankly looks like the result of Buckminster Fuller's mother having being frightened by a Zulu with an iwisa war club while pregnant with little Bucky. Funky looking, but quite functional - it's made from solid nigh-unto-indestructible polypropylene. I'd call it a modernized Zulu War Club, but hey, it says "African Walking Stick" right on it. Why do I use quotations for "walking stick"? Same reason a particular item is often called an "Ozark Tire Thumper", if you get the reference ...

length: 37"
head: 2 3/4"
weight: 1 lb 9.2 oz

Just for fun, and in case you don't feel like clicking the link above, here's a picture of a fitness model with an antique Zulu iwisa:

Price: $40

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