Magnum kukri machete

This machete is based on the kukri (also spelled kukhri or kukhuri) knife, used by the Ghurkas of Nepal. Made by Cold Steel, this historical and ethnographicaly inspired machete features a modern 1055 blackened carbon steel blade, polypropylene grips, and a cordura nylon sheath. Sharp, rugged, and ready for all of your chopping and brush-clearing needs - they are way spiffier than standard military-issue machetes, with a blade configuration that has proven itself for centuries.

length: 22"
blade: 17"
blade width: 2 1/2" at widest
grip: 5 1/4"
balance point: 4 7/8"
weight (machete): 1 lb 3.6 oz
weight (machete and sheath): 1 lb 8.3 oz

Price: $40

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