Greek sarouter (lizard-sticker)

Heavy tempered steel Greek sarouter. What the heck is a sarouter, you ask? It's more commonly known as a lizard-sticker. What the heck is a lizard-sticker, you ask? It's more commonly known as a butt-spike. What the heck is a butt-spike, you ask? I'm not going there, try the Urban Dictionary.

Anyway, the sarouter is the *other* business end of the Greek spear, and served as a secondary weapon, and to balance out the Greek spearhead, and to offer as a convenient way to actually be able to let go of your spear and not have to fumble around to pick it back up after it falls over. Stab sarouter into ground, spear stands up ready.

Also good as a lizard sticker. Ask your friendly neighborhood hoplite. They're also surprisingly hefy, and make for a great butt-spike/counterbalance to most any polearm head. This sarouter best fits a 1" to 1 1/4" tapered ash, oak, or hickory shaft.

length: 10 1/8"
socket opening: 15/16"
socket depth: 3 1/4"
weight: 1 lb 4.3 oz

Also available is a matching what-goes-on-the-other-end of the spear: a Greek spear head.

Price: $35 (sarouter)

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