Maille standard - dome riveted titanium flat rings - King grade

Maille, or mail, or chain mail (as popular culture and web search engines call it) was the #1 armor from Roman times up through the 14th century, and was still used on the battlefields of eastern Europe and central Asia well into the 20th century. The term "chain mail" is a Victorian misnomer that comes to us from Sir Walter Scott's 1822 novel 'The Fortunes of Nigel'. Many academics and reenactors and academically-minded reenactors prefer to simply refer to linked-ring armor as "mail", but many (myself included) prefer to use the French spelling "maille" just to differentiate the armor from the postal and e- systems. Wikipedia has a good article on maille armor here.

TherionArms is proud to present a wide variety of riveted maille armor: hauberks, haubergeons, coifs, aventails, standards, voiders, and skirts in various types/styles/grades. The various grades are name-ranked with historical titles for convenience, but this does not in any way reflect upon the historical usage.

Maille standards were worn with late 14th and eary to mid 15th century helmets as extra throat protection undeneath the aventail, or underneath the solid plates of a great bascinet. These swatches of maile can be attached to a padded or leather "dog collar" gorget, or directly to the collar of a gambeson or arming jacket. The Sir Skully picture above is a King grade standard laid out over top of a padded collar so that you can get an idea of what a standard looks like in action.

Here are our currently available riveted maille standard styles:

King grade - dome riveted titanium flat rings, 9mm

Count grade - alternating solid and wedge riveted flat rings, 9mm 17ga mild steel

Earl grade - dome riveted flat rings, 9mm 17ga mild steel

Baron grade - alternating solid and dome riveted flat rings, 9mm 17ga mild steel

Knight grade - dome riveted round rings, 8mm 16ga mild steel

Discontinued and sold out