Austrian longsword

This longsword (commonly called a hand-and-a-half or bastard sword) is replicated from an original attributed to King Albrecht II of Austria. Classically simple in design with a flattened diamond-section blade and cruciform hilt, the original dates from the early part of the 15th century. The "Lion Rampant" emblem of the Hapsburg dynasty is engraved in the pommel. The forged blade of this longsword is fully tempered 1566 high-carbon steel with the legendary Passau, Germany "running wolf" swordsmith's mark reproduced in the fullers. The grip is leather over cord-wrapped wood, and the scabbard is leather over wood with steel fittings. Sharp, well balanced blade. An extremely nice, functional longsword. This is the sharp version of the Practical series longsword.

length: 45"
blade: 35"
blade width: 2" at base
blade width: 7/8" at 2" from point
balance point: 5 1/2" from guard
grip and pommel: 10"
guard: 7 1/4"
weight: 3 lb 1.6 oz

Price: $330

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