Tiger tanto

length: 13 1/2"
blade: 8"
grip: 4 1/2"
weight: 10 oz

Each piece in the Tiger series has a hand-forged and folded ASSAB-K120C powder steel blade, differentially tempered to produce an HRC60 edge, HRC40 back and a distinctive hamon. Saya are deeply lacquered in black, with inlaid brass bamboo leaves. The ray skin used on the tsuka is of the highest quality, and the tsuka-ito and sageo on all three pieces are woven from best quality Japanese cotton. The fuchi, kashira, kojiri, koiguchi and kurigata are all made from blackened bronzed iron, selectively detailed in gold. The tsuba of the katana and wakizashi are made from blackened iron, with a tiger inlaid in brass. The habaki is of one-piece brass construction. The blades of all three pieces are fullered on both sides, with a short kissaki on the katana and wakizashi. The Tiger series consists of a matched katana, wakizashi, and tanto.