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A series of scholarly works pertaining to medieval, renaissance, and ethnographic combat and weaponry.
(Submissions accepted - contact Therion)

page updated 01/05/08

By Hugh T. Knight, Jr.

drei Ringen; or, the Three Wrestlings - techniques as published in Ringeck's Commentaries.
(.pdf file 1.4M)

By Hugh T. Knight, Jr.

Some interpretations of selected plays from the winden as presented in the Codex Wallerstein
(.pdf file 1.1M)

By Hugh T. Knight, Jr.

an analysis of medieval sword and buckler combat
(.pdf file 3.3M)

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Unique Swords of Old Mexico
"The Unique Swords of Old Mexico", by Bill Adams. Originally published in Knives '85 (DBI Books, 1984, edited by Ken Warner). Reprinted here for educational purposes only. We've tried to contact Mr. Adams but to no avail.

ancha_p21.jpg ancha_p22.jpg ancha_p23.jpg ancha_p21.jpg

The Dah
Six large jpg images of Carter Rila's "The Dah", published in Blade Magazine, Nov/Dec 1988. Made available here at the request of the author.

(please read the fine print)

dah_title.jpg dah_pt1.jpg dah_pt2.jpg dah_pt3.jpg dah_pt4.jpg dah_pt5.jpg

The Rawson Manuscript
This is a jpg image transcription of the Apocrypha from P.S. Rawson's "The Indian Sword" - to whit, a section describing 160 Indian swords in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, said documentation discovered by Ian Greaves in a manuscript edition predating the book's publication.

More details can be found in this discussion thread "Original Rawson manuscript on Indian swords", posted on the Ethnographic Edged Weapons Discussion Forum.

Attempts to contact Mr. Rawson or his estate has proven futile so far. Mr. R - if you're out there, stop by the Forum Board - we're not worthy, but we'd love to talk with you.

The first five pages of the article are shown separately as examples - the entire set of 146 pages can be downloaded as one zip file.

rawson001.jpg (36970 bytes) rawson002.jpg (39390 bytes) rawson003.jpg (52162 bytes) rawson004.jpg (84866 bytes) rawson005.jpg (80949 bytes)

You can download all 146 images in one 11.8 megabyte zip file here.

Thalhofer siege engines
Thalhofer 1459 - some very strange siege engines pictured therein can be found here.

(posted as a visual aid for a discussion of siege engines on the FireStryker Living History Forum )