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Arms and Armor images

(editor's note: This page was created as my first web project in October 1994. Out of respect and nostalgia for the early days of the WWW, I've left this page pretty much as it was created.)

Everybody's got to have a hobby other than seeking information-overload via the internet. Well, I've found a way to incorporate both my net addiction and my fascination with armor and weapons. This web page is a start - it's based on a random collection of arms and armor photos from George Cameron Stone's "A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and In All Times" that I found deep in a K-12 gopher. I did the descriptions out of memory, so if you notice any errors in nomenclature, drop me a letter and I'll fix it.

Click on the thumbnail picture or on the description to see the full version.

over people have waited patently for these images to load (counter reset from 77,500 on 8/2/99)

European arms and armor

[armor/armor3.jpg] [armor/armor4.jpg] [armor/armor5.jpg] [armor/forks.jpg] [armor/gauches.jpg] [armor/gauntlet.jpg] [armor/hammer1.jpg] [armor/maces1.jpg] [armor/miserc.jpg] [armor/polearm10.jpg] [armor/polearm11.jpg] [armor/polearm2.jpg] [armor/polearm3.jpg] [armor/polearm4.jpg] [armor/polearm5.jpg] [armor/polearm6.jpg] [armor/polearm7.jpg] [armor/polearm9.jpg] [armor/shilts.jpg] [armor/swords1.jpg] [armor/swords6.jpg] [armor/trebuchet.jpg]

Japanese arms and armor

[armor/armor1.jpg] [armor/armor2.jpg] [armor/armor6.jpg] [armor/arrows1.jpg] [armor/arrows2.jpg] [armor/barding.jpg] [armor/knives6.jpg]

Indo-Persian arms and armor

[armor/katars.jpg] [armor/knives1.jpg] [armor/knives2.jpg] [armor/knives4.jpg] [armor/knives5.jpg] [armor/maces2.jpg] [armor/maces3.jpg] [armor/polearm1.jpg] [armor/shields.jpg] [armor/swords2.jpg] [armor/swords3.jpg] [armor/swords4.jpg] [armor/tridents.jpg] [armor/wsteel.jpg]

  • Katars - Indian punch daggers for piercing mail (89K)
  • Two Indian assassin's daggers (70K)
  • Various Indian daggers (97K)
  • Indian and Arabic daggers (82K)
  • A rather unusual Indian dagger (24K)
  • Indian and Persian maces (80K)
  • Indian and Persian maces (162K)
  • Anklys - Indian elephant goads (73K)
  • Madus - Indian parrying shields (69K)
  • Indian cavalry swords (90K)
  • Kindjals - Persian/Russian long daggers (169K)
  • Patas - Indian sword-gloves (97K)
  • Trident spearheads - Indian (86K)
  • Prime steel - closeups of damascus sword blades (103K)

    Malaysian arms and armor

    [armor/kriss1.jpg] [armor/kriss2.jpg] [armor/sharks.jpg] [armor/spears.jpg]

  • Kriss - Indonesian fighting knives (143K)
  • One particularly nice kriss (25K)
  • Polynesian shark-toothed weapons (165K)
  • Polynesian war and fishing spears (169K)

    Miscellaneous arms and armor

    [armor/parrying.jpg] [armor/polearm8.jpg] [armor/tknives.jpg]

  • Chinese hook swords - primarily parrying weapons (67K)
  • Turkish (?) polearm (21K)
  • African throwing knives (71K)


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