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A Public Service posting:
Fiore Getty
Fiore Getty Ms
w/English transcription
by T.Mellow, M.Easton,
M.Chidester, C.Hatcher et al.
128m pdf

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Words of Wisdom
collection begun 1989
served 10 dollops at at time

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% mortality rate

And it's "Trekkies" - you people don't get to name your affliction. A "trekker" is someone who goes out for a damn walk once in a while.

Life sucks, but death swallows.

why is it when I scream in a library everyone just looks at me, but if I scream on a plane everyone joins in?

You know that Star Trek episode with the mirror universe, where they were all corrupt, bloodthirsty, opportunistic copies of themselves, and that torture chamber they had? And those crazy clothes! I just realized, that's the universe we're in, not the nice one. What a fool I've been.

enzuri: Japanese euphemism for male masturbation. Literally translates to "1000 strokes"
manzuri: Japanese euphemism for female masturbation. Literally translates to "10,000" strokes

Eight words that could save our country: "Corporations are not people. Money is not speech."

The irony is, if the Bush administration had used the alert system appropriately and responsibly, they could probably get away with cranking up the national fear level right before the election. But raising the terror alert level is now met with the same enthusiasm as a new Paris Hilton video. -- Wil Wheaton 10/30/04

"It's life. Everyone gets used to it, or else doesn't, and everyone dies whether or not they get used to it." -- henri ennui lists over 3700 gods humans have invented. And they are all aspects of Eris, created to spread confusion amongst the milksuckers, meatbags, and monkeyboys. Mission Accomplished, selah.

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have come here seeking enlightenment