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A Public Service posting:
Fiore Getty
Fiore Getty Ms
w/English transcription
by T.Mellow, M.Easton,
M.Chidester, C.Hatcher et al.
128m pdf

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Words of Wisdom
collection begun 1989
served 10 dollops at at time

"This is the most exciting piece of excrement I've ever seen."

I don't feel like our relationship ended, I feel like it truncated.

"WHAT AM I?" -- chopped liver

The issue is not whether you're paranoid...the issue is whether you're paranoid enough.

Last night I played a blank tape at full blast. The mime next door went nuts. -- Gerorge Carlin

"Cleopatra 2525" - This show gives me hope whenever I think the future will be too mean and disasterous for humankind. In the future, no matter how bleak or horrible events may be, all conflicts will be settled in 30 minutes (with time out for commercials) by hot women in titanium lingerie with laser beams mounted on their friendship bracelets. -- review on Netflix

Why is it that we get fifty-one candidates for Miss America and only two for President of the United States?

My new favorite phrase for dealing with idiots, paraphrased from Jim Wright:
"Piss off, or I will pick you up by the top of your pointy little head and jam a Sharpie into your eye so deep that I.ll be able to write my name on the inside of your skull in four-inch-high indelible ink."

Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

Watch out for ideologues. Ideas are more important to them than people.

have come here seeking enlightenment