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Words of Wisdom
collection begun 1989
served 10 dollops at at time

"Words" is just an anagram for "Sword"

Sometimes it's really hard to tell sloth from decadence.

No scientist will never be able to predict exactly the time Jesus will return. The bible tells us that Jesus left the physical world and now is omnipresent throughout the universe. Our current understanding of physics is only now reaching the point that we can see the scientific revelation and foresight in the bible. Given that Jesus is omnipresent we know Jesus now exists in a superposition quantum state. He is a bit like Schrodinger's cat, except for two facts: First, we do not know the messianic decay rate; Second the time between now and the heat death of the universe is the longest possible time the experiment can run. If the wavefunction of Christ collapses before that time the position of Jesus can be known, but the collapse can never be predicted.

I used to think that I was indecisive. Now I'm not sure.

I don't need the threat of some medieval holy man's vision of eternal damnation to scare me into behaving like a decent human being. The simple truth of the matter is this: If you need that threat, and the promise of some eternal paradise after death, in order for you to not be a dick in this life, well, you sort of are a dick anyway, aren't you? -- Jim Wright

I don't know what I want and most of the time it hurts.

Are the voices in my head getting louder, or is my hearing getting more accute?

They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq. Why dont we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it's worked for over 200 years, and we're not using it anymore. -- George Carlin

"If I can't have what I *really* want in life... I can usually keep the more severe side-effects at bay by finding some new something to keep me entertained 'til it passes." -- fburke

The Law of Inverse Ninjutsu states that the strength, stealth, stamina, etc. of any one ninja is inversely proportional to the number of that type of ninja in the area.

have come here seeking enlightenment